Art Gallery



This page shows some oil paintings and watercolours, all of which have been done by some of my very talented patients, often after elbow replacements and similar operations. 

Two watercolours by one of my revision total elbow replacement patients:

A watercolour by Mr Walter Dodwell:

A cartoon by one of my total hip replacement patients:

A picture of St Michael's mount in Cornwall by one of my patients:

An oil painting of a winter scene with children sledging by one of my patients:

Some great people from the history of Orthopaedics:

The anatomical studies of Leonardo da Vinci, from around 1510, are one of the great achievements of the Italian renaissance.  His work helped to lay the foundations of modern scientific medicine, and orthopaedics in particular


Pioneering Orthopaedic Surgeon Professor Sir John Charnley using the lathe in his workshop at home. John Charnley radically changed the treatment of hip arthritis with his total hip replacement designed in the early 1960s. 


Mr Mike Freeman of The London Hospital sitting with Dr John Insall  (right) of The Hospital for Special Surgery, New York in Mike Freeman's garden in about 1980.  These two individuals were responsible for working out questions of design, balance and alignment which are the basis of all good modern Total Knee Replacements.